› Frequency range: 10-22000 Hz

› Sensitivity: 106 dB

› Impedance: 32 Om

› Length of a cable: 2.0 M

› Color: Gold/Brown

› Etc: additional velour cushions, 3.5mm to 6.3mm jack adapter, storage case.


Please see my profile for a list of equipment.


On opening the case you find the FA-006, the cable, warranty and some velour cushions. Kudos to Fischer Audio for that added generosity of different cushions!

The feel and look of the FA-006 surprised me. They look and feel a bit cheap but still feel well built. They are also surprisingly light. Just for prep work, I hooked up the FA-006’s on one of my rigs along with my custom test disc and let it be for 48 hours.


Where to start!? Fischer Audio just keeps knocking them out of the park!

The actual FA-006 comes in a case much like that of the FA-003, which, needless to say, is very cool. Kudos to Fischer Audio for deciding to keep this packaging as it is very attractive and functional. How else are you supposed to carry your headphones to Head-Fi meets?!

The actual sound of the FA-006 is very open and sounds like an open headphone design. The isolation is decent. How much isolation you get will depend on the fit. Many people have always wondered if the FA-006 was the closed version of the FA-011 since they look similar. Well, now I know that it is not. In fact, they are polar opposites! The FA-006 has a very balanced, neutral sound without ever being sibilant or much too boomy. If you own a FA-003 or have heard the FA-003, then you know what the FA-006 will sound like. The sound is a baby brother version of the FA-003 without the superior comfort of the FA-003.

The mids are beautifully positioned, front and center right where they should be. Positioning isn’t an issue either as it presents an accurate soundstage. Soundstage depth is very good as is soundstage width. This in turn makes the FA-006 a very holographic sounding headphone. The treble is smooth and moderately extended without being bright or sibilant. The bass is fairly well extended and articulate.

One good example that covers all of the basses above is the track “La Luna” from the binaural album “Up Close” by Ottmar Leibert with Luna Negra. This is one of my go-to test tracks because it has a lot of elements which are difficult to reproduce and only the bestheadphones will make this track shine in all areas. The track starts out with the musicians counting in. This is a true test for accurate midrange. On the FA-006, like on high quality headphones, the voices sound super realistic. You can literally point them out in the room and feel their presence. The next sounds you hear are hand claps followed by some hits on the cajon. The claps are a very tell-tell signal for highs. If they sound stringent or too bright or peaky, the headphones are NOT reproducing it right. The claps should sound realistic with no added hit of peaks or stringent, ear bleeding highs. No surprise here…the claps sounds super realistic and just as good as they sound on the FA-003. Now…the real test on this track in my opinion, is the cajon strikes. The way this was recorded, only the best, most high resolution headphones will display the cajon strikes with proper oomph and detail. There is a surprising amount of low level bass when the palm strikes the middle. The bass is not only deep, but it reverberates within the room and when properly reproduced, it’s jaw dropping good. The FA-006 was not able to reproduce the lowest level of bass, but what it did reproduce was awesome nonetheless. The bass remained punchy, the reverberation was very good and the detail was right up there with headphoneslike the HD-600.  Only a few high end dynamics, some orthodynamics and some electrostats are able to beat the level of the FA-006 with this demo track – however, they all need amps…the FA-006 did not.

The FA-006’s do not require an amp but I would highly recommend you listen to them with an amp. At a recent Southern California meet, some people felt the Heed CanAmp and the FA-006 were quite a synergistic combo. While the volume may be sufficient coming straight out of the Clip+ or an iPod, the authority and presence of the FA-006 only increase when an amp is added in the mix.  If you are a new member or if you don’t have an amp – don’t worry! Even straight out of a DAP like the Clip+, the FA-006 shines. This is one of the main reasons why this should be one of the first headphone purchases all new people here should consider. If you are looking for great neutral sound quality, the FA-006 should be your number 1 priority to try out.

No other headphone will provide this much sound quality in such a package for such an affordable entry level price without the need for an added amplifier or additional modifications to the headphones. Yes my friends, these are that good. These represent such value and such high sound quality that they will be my number one recommendation for entry level headphone purchases from now on. The sound quality is so good, they could also be used as studio monitoring headphones.


Is it the end all, be all? No. However, in my humble opinion, the FA-006 should be THE headphone to buy if you only want to spend $100 or less. I have yet to hear a headphone under $100 that can match the sound quality, let alone exceed the quality of the FA-006 without modifications. If DIY isn’t your thing, then the FA-006 should be on your “must buy” priority list.

The killer, as always, is the price/performance value of the FA-006’s. MSRP is under $90! If someone told me they paid $200 for the FA-006, I wouldn’t have a single reason to doubt them – especially considering the sound quality.  These would make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for friends and family who feel high fidelity is too expensive. With the Fischer Audio FA-006, high fidelity is extremely affordable and with the sound quality these reproduce and the look of the packaging, they will think you spent upwards of $100 to introduce them to high fidelity sound.

If you are looking for a transportable/portable headphone that you can toss around, the FA-006 might just be the ticket as well. They are light enough to take anywhere and cheap enough that if you were to lose them, you wouldn’t be cursing your life away.

The only slightly negative thing I can comment on is the fit. The fit of the FA-006 is not nearly as comfortable as that of the FA-011 much less that of the FA-003. Moreover, if the fit isn’t perfect, sound will tend to leak and you will not get the deep bass the FA-006 can produce. However, for me, this was a minor quibble which was easily resolved by switching to the velour pads.

Overall, the FA-006 is a true value and a perfect example of sound over fashion – the antithesis to the Beats. While the looks might not please everyone and while the feel might not please everyone, the high quality sound is sure to please all who are looking at getting a real high fidelity headphone for a super affordable price. Everyone here should have a pair of these.