DJ Jeff Daniels Reviews the Fischer Audio JUBILATE Headphones


I was sent a pair of the Jubilate Master Series headphones to review for Top Dog Headphones. After opening the boxed package I findmyself in the company of a well padded nylon zip bag, vastly impressed with this I slowly unzip the bag to unveil a stunning looking pair of finely crafted wooden headphones.


I plug in the single cable and the studio listening session begins. Immediately after placing the headphones on ones head I feel a sense of comfort as the cups sit nice and snug on ones ears.

As soon as I hit play and the music starts all background sound disappears and the cross pollination begins. With eyes closed I sit back in the chair. As the track slowly builds you can feel and hear the deep rich sound quality and clarity from the Master series, very impressive, and their qualities especially evident, painting a beautiful, comforting picture. The bass or low end is quite smooth without being unobtrusive, the trebles / highs come through clearly, speaking the same language, as do the mids (These are truly jaw-dropping headphones, providing a heavyweight performance to the listener)

Depending on what music/audio you decide to listen to, or working in the studio on your own productions, you will be able to pick out so many different sounds and qualities, IE: Vocals, acoustics, highly rhythmic drumming, ambient/balearic, jazz & dance all different kinds of music and moods.

If you’re looking for heavy pounding bass heavy cans, then these are not for you. Less is more as the saying goes, and they retail at a reasonable price.

This has been a highly enjoyable listening journey for me, enhanced by the craftsmanship of the wooden headphones.

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