FA-005 Hi-Grade Monitoring DJ Headphones

I’m swiftly becoming a fan of Fischer Audio’s innovative designs and attention to detail, and these professional DJ headphones are certainly no disappointment. They come packaged with a choice of coiled and straight cables, as well as replacement ear pads, all presented in a lovely padded foam carry case (which itself is sturdier and more protective than many expensive record bags I’ve owned over the years)…

The pair I was handed for review sport a rather eye-catching white and red colour scheme; not to everyone’s taste, however they are also available in more muted shades. I must confess that my first impression on opening the box was that they looked a little plasticky and lightweight, but on closer inspection they are really solid and very well made. They are lighter than most comparable models (which can only be an advantage for a working DJ) and are very comfortable to wear.

On plugging the headphones in, the first thing I noticed was the bass. The combination of a tight ‘ear-hugging’ design, and a large 50mm driver makes them quite heavy on the low end, though the sound is smooth and well controlled. Initially I felt they lacked a little sparkle on high frequencies, however after a short while I got used to the warm sound of these headphones; the sound is detailed, full of character and very pleasant indeed.

Sound Impressions

A club scenario is where these cans really come into their own. Suddenly the bias towards low end frequencies makes perfect sense. The high frequencies are not blasting you, even with a lot of ambient noise, so you are able to make out the full detail of the track you’re cueing up. The tight fit of the ear-pads enables you to monitor at lower volumes than with many other headphones, which can only help to prevent tinitus.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a truly excellent pair of DJ headphones, offering genuinely great value for money. After a long listening session with these, I found my usual (and much more expensive) monitoring headphones to sound almost tinny in comparison.

If you’re looking something a bit different, like chunky headphones, and enjoy your bass ‘in your face’, these are the cans for you!

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