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When In Manila and you seek for an earphone to accompany you date to day with both sub-woofer like impactful and deep bass that does not sacrifice much of the highs and mids of your music, then the first earphone that I can recommend you is non other than theFischer Audio Eterna. Fischer Audio is an audio brand hailing from Russia and currently has a distributor in the Philippines under Bluefish gadgets. The Fischer Audio brand has been around some time and they began to be known because of the Fischer Audio Eterna‘s impactful and deep bass while keeping ample clarity and detail.


The Fischer Audio Eterna comes in a simple carton box with 5 pairs of earphone tips and a set of ear hooks. The Fischer Audio Eterna are meant to be worn over the ear, so if the cable kind of annoys you, you can option to have the ear hooks on the cables to keep them in place. The Fischer Audio Eterna also comes with a pouch with “Eterna” designed on to them.

Pretty neat!

On the build of the Fischer Audio Eterna, it is made entirely of plastic and weighs average. They are quite big though, so people with small ears might have to adjust wearing them. They have big driver housings which makes me assume that they might have a larger than normal drivers to give that monstrous impactful and deep bass. With the Fischer Audio Eterna‘s cables, nothing special but they are built to last. The Y splitter at the middle of the cable is built like a high-end headphone’s because of how well restrained and built it is. Nearly impossible to break the cable from the middle split for sure. The 3.5mm jack is also well done since it the cable restrain is hard rubber and not just an easily bendable cable restrain, it is same with the cable restrains on the earphone housings as well, the cable restrains along the end of the earphone is of hard rubber.

Pretty neat!

Sound quality:

I had the chance to use the Fischer Audio Eterna with not just my iPhone, iPod and amps since I recently received the hisoundaudio RoCoo P which is an amazing portable player made specifically for hifi listening due to it’s clean and powerful A class internals. Plugging the Fischer Audio Eterna to the iPhone of course normally showed the very impactful and deep bass that it has. It is very punchy and goes down very deep! It does bleed into the midrange, but heck, this is just plain bass fun! Although running theFischer Audio Eterna on the iPhone and iPod somehow gave the mids a veil that sounded like there was a cloth covering the mids, there was still ample clarity. Having the Fischer Audio Eterna paired with the RoCoo P gave it much much more quality and bass resolve. It’s as if, veil and cloth covering the mids had lessened and the highs were more refined. The bass had more power and were extending more in a 3D way than just hitting from the back. The overall bass of the Fischer Audio Eterna is sheer raw power. It is very punchy and the sub-bass goes down really deep and does rumble, and yet retains quality and does not go too muddy or distorted sounding. So if you’re looking for an earphone that has powerful bass and yet has good clarity and presentation, the Fischer Audio Eterna certainly packs the needed punch.

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