Company Background

Fischer Audio was founded in 2006 by a team of professional, like-minded people highly experienced in the development, design and production of top quality audio equipment.

To manufacture its headphones, Fischer Audio uses the state-of-the-art technologies and achievements in acoustics, top quality components and the most advanced design solutions for portable acoustic systems.

The whole process of producing Fischer Audio headphones is geared towards the Company’s mission of providing the best sound for a reasonable price.

Fischer Audio pursues its mission without compromise, with every model, regardless of the price range, offering consumers the best value in its class, combining recognizable stylish design, excellent sound, attractive packaging and affordable price

The appropriateness of the chosen strategy is validated by the brand’s ever growing popularity among different headphones users, ranging from first-time buyers to sophisticated audiophiles.

We sincerely hope that by delivering good sound, our high quality headphones will make your music listening experience more enjoyable and you will always remember Fischer Audio with good thoughts.

Gratefully yours,

Fischer Audio Team.