Replacement Procedure

How can I proceed with a replacement?

If you believe your product is defective within the limited warranty period, carefully repack the unit and return the product to your authorized dealer with the original proof of purchase.

If you bought your set directly from or please proceed and fill out the necessary info here.

If the products have been purchased from non-authorized reseller or from auction sites, on all matters related to the guarantee you should apply directly only to the sellers.

Am I covered by warranty?

  • Product must be within the 1-year warranty period. Read more about it here.
  • It must have been purchased only from an authorized dealer
  • You must have a valid proof of purchase.

What exactly qualifies as proof of purchase?

A proof of purchase could be: a sales receipt, email confirmation (for online orders), and in some cases a screenshot of a bank transaction were we can clearly see the purchased item and retailer.

How can I get my headphones repaired (if out of warranty)?

Since the repair process is lengthy and far too costly, we do not repair any headphones or earphones. In this case, please contact us trough this form.

Do I have to pay shipping for a replacement?

If you bought your headphone directly from or Fischer Audio will cover the shipping expense of your defective set.

My cable is not working, how can I get a replacement?

If you bought your headphone directly from or please proceed and fill out the product issue form. If you bought your set through an authorized dealer please proceed and contact them directly.

General Questions

My cable is not working. How can I get a replacement?

You can buy the coiled and straight cables at or

I am a reseller but I buy your products through a distributor. How do I handle defective products?

In this particular case, we cannot help you directly, but we advise you to contact the distributor, who should be able to help you out.

I have a question about marketing?

Please contact our marketing department at

I have a sales inquiry/offer.

Please contact our sales department at

How do I become a reseller/distributor of Fischer Audio products?

The best way of getting in contact with us is through our sales department at In order for us to assess the potential of your business, and if we would like to continue the dialogue, please ensure you have included which territory and the number of dealers/retailers you distribute to . It would also be great if you could include a brief list of other brands you work with.