Welcome to Kennerton,
the successor of dear old Fischer Audio.

Fischer Audio was founded in 2006 by Fischer Audio Engineering LLC in St. Petersburg, Russia. A number of excellent mid-price headphone models were released under the Fischer Audio brand, and they earned both the love and the recognition of users in many countries around the world. In 2010, Fischer Audio Engineering founded its own new premium brand, Kennerton Audio Equipment. Under this brand they began to release headphones of exceptional quality, combining only the finest natural materials, a unique design, and in-house patented innovations. Over the years, Kennerton’s products have become well-known and respected by audiophiles in a whole host of countries all over the world, and they are deserving of the place they occupy among audio equipment manufacturers of the very highest standard. From 2021, the company shifted its full focus onto in-house production under the Kennerton brand. And so the Kennerton project, which was created as a luxury subdivision or even boutique for Fischer Audio, over time has become their primary project.