Review FA-005 Hi-Grade Monitoring DJ Headphones

Fischer Audio; Headphones Leader brand from Russia send the new headphones model to  with FA-005 headphones closed-ear design that will close your world to the world of entertainment & music.

Fischer Audio is a brand new in the recently launched into the market in early Q4 in our own past. By brand from Russia has been recognized on the international level before the US invasion of Thailand. Which their products range from headphones In-Ear typical chase to the level Ears tens of thousands of baht to ownership by the Fischer Audio FA-005 is a headphone of the Master Series of brands and out. Designed for use in a professional DJ, you can use it at 5,790 baht.


Fischer Audio FA-005 Technical Specifications.

Drivers 50 mm.

Frequency Range 10-20,000 Hz

Sensitivity 96 db

Impedance 24 Ohm

Maximum power input 3000 Mw

Cable length 1.0 m / 3.0 m.

Jack 3.5 mm.


The Headphone is available with 3 colors (brown – yellow, white – red and black – gray) to the device makes use of plastic. Combined with leather and velvet lining PU Fit to wear.

Earpad is available in two models can switch the favorite.

Headphones each axis can rotate up to 90 degrees.

You can adjust the firmness of work. With a metal structure

Left ear A 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Headphone jacks are both straight. Plug into the device and for other large volume. The two lines are long, 1 m and 3 m, respectively.

Design to be folded easily.

The headset is a large, 50mm drivers with a frequency response of 10-20,000 Hz.

Fischer Audio FA-005 Package: FA-005 Headset / 2 Cables / User Guides / Ear Cup / Headset Bag.

On Test

The ability to use it. We start by testing the wearer’s FA-005 is comfortable to wear and the material of each part to soften. And adjust the fit is very good. This section is going through If a longer It feels a little squeeze head


Sound as well as the FA-005 for several days, I have kept quiet about the noise around 90%, depending on the volume of users to listen to each. And I say good. The traveler Hearing the noise around “some” to make safety. Be careful, there is more to it.


The FA-005’s sound to sound more resonant. The noise is the sound isolation is quite good. Sound coming out loud and tight bass tone to the degree. Pronunciation high possibility Preet foods. There are several dimensions to listen to the fun. The Music Party style or genre electronica Electronics lot. To feel that it’s more fun to listen to music with headphones generally clear to the driver of a large 50 mm. The sensitivity level of 96 db. There is nothing to drive out.

Accessories with which we can connect to other audio devices. It is optional for the user who wants to try it. Good sound is coming from many of the elements that will be. Audio recording, headphones, and of course, the device comes with a sound that bad that our test is the test we can not do much of anything.

However, as the headset in general use Fischer Audio FA-005 headphones are worth the price. Music has many forms in much better quality than one version. In particular, I like the music, electronics industries. It’s not hard to cheer The machine can be a huge barrier to carry some. But the design is attractive and colorful package that came in full size. I believe many people would love to not be exact.

Anyone who would like to experience the real test of Fischer Audio FA-005 can be found at stores like Mankong Gadget / B-Trend / LOFT and leading department stores.

I’m swiftly becoming a fan of Fischer Audio’s innovative designs and attention to detail, and these professional DJ headphones are certainly no disappointment. They come packaged with a choice of coiled and straight cables, as well as replacement ear pads, all presented in a lovely padded foam carry case (which itself is sturdier and more protective than many expensive record bags I’ve owned over the years)…

The pair I was handed for review sport a rather eye-catching white and red colour scheme; not to everyone’s taste, however they are also available in more muted shades. I must confess that my first impression on opening the box was that they looked a little plasticky and lightweight, but on closer inspection they are really solid and very well made. They are lighter than most comparable models (which can only be an advantage for a working DJ) and are very comfortable to wear.

On plugging the headphones in, the first thing I noticed was the bass. The combination of a tight ‘ear-hugging’ design, and a large 50mm driver makes them quite heavy on the low end, though the sound is smooth and well controlled. Initially I felt they lacked a little sparkle on high frequencies, however after a short while I got used to the warm sound of these headphones; the sound is detailed, full of character and very pleasant indeed.

Sound Impressions

A club scenario is where these cans really come into their own. Suddenly the bias towards low end frequencies makes perfect sense. The high frequencies are not blasting you, even with a lot of ambient noise, so you are able to make out the full detail of the track you’re cueing up. The tight fit of the ear-pads enables you to monitor at lower volumes than with many other headphones, which can only help to prevent tinitus.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a truly excellent pair of DJ headphones, offering genuinely great value for money. After a long listening session with these, I found my usual (and much more expensive) monitoring headphones to sound almost tinny in comparison.

If you’re looking something a bit different, like chunky headphones, and enjoy your bass ‘in your face’, these are the cans for you!

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