Will Sumsuch DJ – Producer Fischer Audio JUBILATE Headphones Review

By Will Sumsuch DJ


I was honored to be allowed to test out the Fischer Audio Jubilate Master SeriesHeadphones this week. Straight out of the lovely box I was struck by their beautiful design and craftsmanship. The headphones are surprisingly light and feel incredibly well balanced and comfortable, essential for long sessions. What began as a quick late night listening test swiftly turned into a music production session, and before I knew it, it was 4am and I’d composed and roughly mixed a new track using the headphones. The detail on high frequency sound is incredible, the mid is smooth and low frequencies are warm, subtle and understated. The closed design means it’s easy to get completely lost in music, but unlike a lot of similar models I felt no sense of claustrophobia, and quickly forgot I was even wearing them.

Having composed and roughly mixed a track using these headphones, the ultimate test came the next day when I checked the mix on my studio monitors. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The detail and quality of the Jubilate Master Series speaks volumes, all the frequencies in my track were well balanced and nothing stood out in the mix.

Overall I have to say the results were better than the headphones I normally work with.

I cannot recommend these beautiful headphones enough to anyone who cares about detail, sparkle and subtlety in their listening experience. If you’re looking for something loud, brash and punchy with a huge amounts of bass then these are not for you, but then I would imagine the classy design (and lack of endorsement from a celebrity) would have put you off anyway.

The natural wood is a huge plus point for me; I feel that using warm, natural materials is more important than ever in this cold, digital age. From the body of a guitar to the paper driver in a Funktion One speaker, wood will always give more life to music than plastic and metal.

I have fallen in love with these headphones, and will be buying a pair, and I don’t think I can give a better endorsement than that!

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