Do you like sports? Do you like to go for runs? How about go to the gym? But do you always feel like you want some music to accompany you? If the answers yes then you should take interest in Fischer Audios Sport Line.

FA-502 V2:

The FA-502 V2 has soft silicone earhooks that casts these earphones comfortable other your ears. There are many benefits of wearing the other your ears, one being that it helps the fit and the weight is evenly distributed around your ears, two, they will not have as much cable noise and microphonics and lastly, they will stay secure on your ears when exercising. These have an extremely lightweight design that also improves the comfort.

They are also built extremely well being made of a sturdy plastic made to last many workouts and also being sweat and water resistant so you can work hard and not have to worry about the safety of you earphones.

The sound of these is warm and bassy while still having good treble extension and being able to hear what is going on in the mids. The bass really helps get you pumped and in the mood for sport and these work excellently with a nice serving of EDM.

As it is a possibility that you’re exercising out in an urban environment, you want to be able to be seen by motorists. Well to keep your safety these are in a high visibility glow in the dark green. You also want to hear what is going on around you and these are designed to let just enough ambient noise in so that you can enjoy your music and hear enough to keep you safe.


With the FA-560 you get an over the ear earphone that had a headband that supports round the back of your head for extra comfort. As well as the support you get from the headband, the size range of tips you get (small, medium and large) make this for an extremely comfortable work out. These are also extremely portable as you can fold these down into a compact bundle so you can but this in small places when not wearing them.

The sound on these as with other Fischer Audio products is something that these do very well in. These offer a bassy signature with a slight v-shaped frequency response. The bass is strong and hits hard and the treble is sparkly and extended on the other end. The midrange is slightly recessed but you can still always here what is going on and the vocals never get lost.

So these have a long life, they are made with a very durable plastic that can take a beating and these will still be okay. They are also adapted to sport being water and sweat resistant.

As it is a possibility that you’re exercising out in an urban environment, you want to be able to be seen by motorists. Well to keep your safety these are in a high visibility glow in the dark green. You also want to hear what is going on around you and these are designed to let just enough ambient noise in so that you can enjoy your music and hear enough to keep you safe.


The FA-565 has a very unique design being an earphone yet still having a headband. This is because Fischer understand that when you are working out many earphones may fall out of your ears but with the headband that goes over the top of your head, these will always securely stay in and with the custom fit that the headbands adjustable slider gives you along with selection of different size ear tip you get with the earphones, you are in for a comfortable experience.

These are also built well with the headband being on a metal chassis and the rest being built from a plastic that is made to last. These are also sweat and water resistant so you can have the most vigorous of workouts and not have to worry about these getting damaged.

The sound signature of these is bass centered with a powerful bass that extends low into the sub-bass frequencies. It is for those who really love bass because it does lead the show but fear not as the other frequencies are not running to far behind with a relaxed and controlled behavior.

As it is a possibility that you’re exercising out in an urban environment, you want to be able to be seen by motorists. Well to keep your safety these are in a high visibility glow in the dark green. You also want to hear what is going on around you and these are designed to let just enough ambient noise in so that you can enjoy your music and hear enough to keep you safe.


With the FA-580 we have a huge 40mm driver in each earpiece that can produce a nice balanced sound with good detail, a nice subtle and fast bass response, clear refined mids and all of this is topped of by nice zippy treble which reaches out to the extent of our hearing range at 20000hz. Its sound signature really does spur you on while on the go and help you give that little extra push.

The headphone is also extremely comfortable which you will of course need when having exercising. Its headband supports itself on the back of your head releasing the strain on your ears where they lightly sit. They also have a 1.25m cable that is just the right length for exercising, as you do not want any extra cable being thrown around.

Also they will need to be durable and their flexible plastic make up is designed to last and they are also sweat and water proof so you can work out to your maximum and these will keep going.

As it is a possibility that you’re exercising out in an urban environment, you want to be able to be seen by motorists. Well to keep your safety these are in a high visibility glow in the dark green. You also want to hear what is going on around you and these are designed to let just enough ambient noise in so that you can enjoy your music and hear enough to keep you safe. If you want to enjoy your music while you exercise then these are what you need.


This member of the Sports Line boasts a flat cable that is strong and does not tangle instead of being high visibility. It does still however maintain the resistance to water and sweat that is must have when exercising. The selection of silicone ear tips that these come with make for a great fit so that they will not fall out when you’re working out.

When it comes to sound these go to a league of their own with a balanced sound signature that is crystal clear from bass to treble. Everything has the right quantities and the overall dynamics is good. You can listen to great quality music while doing sports with the FA-555.

I’m swiftly becoming a fan of Fischer Audio’s innovative designs and attention to detail, and these professional DJ headphones are certainly no disappointment. They come packaged with a choice of coiled and straight cables, as well as replacement ear pads, all presented in a lovely padded foam carry case (which itself is sturdier and more protective than many expensive record bags I’ve owned over the years)…

The pair I was handed for review sport a rather eye-catching white and red colour scheme; not to everyone’s taste, however they are also available in more muted shades. I must confess that my first impression on opening the box was that they looked a little plasticky and lightweight, but on closer inspection they are really solid and very well made. They are lighter than most comparable models (which can only be an advantage for a working DJ) and are very comfortable to wear.

On plugging the headphones in, the first thing I noticed was the bass. The combination of a tight ‘ear-hugging’ design, and a large 50mm driver makes them quite heavy on the low end, though the sound is smooth and well controlled. Initially I felt they lacked a little sparkle on high frequencies, however after a short while I got used to the warm sound of these headphones; the sound is detailed, full of character and very pleasant indeed.

Sound Impressions

A club scenario is where these cans really come into their own. Suddenly the bias towards low end frequencies makes perfect sense. The high frequencies are not blasting you, even with a lot of ambient noise, so you are able to make out the full detail of the track you’re cueing up. The tight fit of the ear-pads enables you to monitor at lower volumes than with many other headphones, which can only help to prevent tinitus.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a truly excellent pair of DJ headphones, offering genuinely great value for money. After a long listening session with these, I found my usual (and much more expensive) monitoring headphones to sound almost tinny in comparison.

If you’re looking something a bit different, like chunky headphones, and enjoy your bass ‘in your face’, these are the cans for you!

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Kindly provided by our listeners from Germany ilove Albumcheck

Packaging & Accessories: 10/10
Build Quality: 10/10
Design & Look: 9/10
Isolation: 9/10
Comfort: 5/10
Audio Quality: 8/10
Value: 8/10
My final Rating: 8/10

Purchase Date: July 2012
Purchase Price: £245

First of all I would like to thank the lovely Tanya, from Fischer Audio for sending me out the FA-002W Master Series High Edition Headphones!
Before getting into the review I would like to say that Fischer Audio was to me, an unknown, but yet a very established brand in Asia. Thus it came to my delight when I found these earphones being listed around the EU a little more; For example, the FA-002W’s can be bought from Top Dog Headphones, who are also an authorised dealer!

Packaging, accessories, box content, overall first impressions (look wise)

For my initial impressions and unboxing video – Click here

The packaging of the FA-002W’s was very nice and it doubled up as a carrying case. The case itself is very good indeed, as it has an inner foam material protecting the headphones. The case also is quite handy to have as it also can be carried around, due to the inclusion of a little strap that allows you to carry the case with you.

The accessories that come with the headphones are just right. As the headphones are made to be used indoors, due to the long cable, and the quite bulky size of them, it wouldn’t make sense to have a carrying pouch. Thus the case is great for storing the headphones at home, and protecting them. There is also included a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter, and a pair of extra pads (more on the pads later). Finally there is the warranty and manual included too.

Overall first impressions:
Overall, my first impressions of the headphones were very good, especially with the look and finish of the headphones themselves. I quite liked the carrying case too, as it proved to come in very handy when storing the headphones at home, and more so carrying it outside the house.

Build Quality

The build quality of the FA-002W’s is incredible. These headphones are really built to last, as the whole construction of the headband assembly feels sturdy and more so not flimsy like the Denon AH-D2000’s that I own.

The removable cable is also a very nice feature of the headphones, as this allows the users to play around with cable size. The left and right indicator of both the wire and the headphones is clearly marked with blue and red colours respectively.

The wire itself is very long, but well built and well terminated with a 3.5mm, gold plated jack, and as said above, finished with colour coded sides.

The headband itself, apart from being sturdy is actually also very much comfortable, with nice leather padding situated at the top of the headband, and the inner lining (where it sits on your head) made out of a soft and stretchable material.

The assembly of the headphones is made out of a plastic material, that seems to be protected with a rubber-esk material. Which means that it provides a nice surface and good finish to the product. There is also left and right indicators “painted” on the side of the headphones, which makes it very easy to distinguish left from right.

I also found the adjustment of the headphones very well done, with markings indicating how much they had been opened. This is ideal and great for adjusting the headphones to your head.

Another thing to look at is the ear pads. The ear pads are interchangeable, and are done so very easily by simply twisting the ear pad and removing the ear pad with its plastic ring from the headphone’s driver. To change ear pads, it is very much easy to do so by carefully removing the plastic ring and applying it to the new set of ear pads.

Last but not least, the build quality of the wooden cups themselves, is immaculate. Here we can see the beautiful workmanship of Fischer Audio coming into play. The wooden cups are well made and very nicely engraved with the Fisher Audio logo and information of the headphones.

Overall the build quality is one of the best headphones I have had, or even in comparison to some I have tried. The build quality has a lot going for it, and should really be admired for the overall attention to detail that FA has put in.

Now the overall look, comfort and isolation

The look of the headphones, on their own is very beautiful. They look as my mother said: “for a professional executive, who has a strong passion for audio”. The wooden finish gives these headphones a look of master-class. The overall finish as well makes these headphones look quite elegant and classy.

It should be noted however that these headphones are huge on one’s head. They really do stick out, and you can see why these are made for indoors use.

The isolation of the headphones is very good too. This is mainly because of the quite strong clamp, making the headphones stick to your head. Also due to the fact that these are close-back cans, it means that there is little to no music that is leaked or entered. I felt these are one of the best passive noise cancelling headphones I have tried.

Finally the comfort:
The comfort is something that really annoyed me. Due to the size of the headphones, and its ear pads, it means that the overall clamp on your head is quite substantial. I felt uncomfortable wearing these for over 1hr due to that very reason. More so, with glasses it becomes even more apparent of the strong clamp. After 2hrs of listening to these with glasses on, I had a terrible pain above my ear, due to the ear pads pushing against my head, where my glasses were situated.
I gather this does depend from head to head, as all head sizes are different, however for me, I found these vastly uncomfortable, especially seeing as these are made to be used for long period of time (as they aren’t made for portability, but for indoor use. Thus meaning you should be using them on your head whilst being indoors, and that often means using them for several hours).

The pads themselves however are comfortable. I would strongly suggest using the leather-esk pads, as they don’t irritate you for long periods of listening. However, I did find the velvet-esk pads to be more comfortable regarding the clamping force. So it really was a hit and miss of which pad to use.

Overall, the comfort for me was the biggest let down of the headphones. They weren’t comfortable to wear, and I was even “forced” to use the velvet-esk pads instead of the leather-esk ones, simply because they were a slight bit softer on my head.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the FA-002W’s is quite intriguing. I found them to be very much source and amp dependant, in other words, pairing this up with something not strong enough to drive them, would lead you to wanting more for the headphones, and putting this to an amp that’s not “made” for it, would lead to a very unnatural sound reproduction.
Thus these headphones were very picky, but when sourced and amped correctly, these shined. That said, the sound signature was very open, mainly due to the soundstage feeling very deep (due to the wooden cups). The FA’s were also quite sibilant with an emphasis on the mids and highs. Meaning at times the headphones were actually unbearable to listen to, and also very hard to tell if the reproduction of sound was accurate. I also felt that the lows were completely missing – it felt as if they had no bass, and literally no sub-bass, almost reminiscent to the DBA02-MKII’s

The lows on the FA-002W’s I felt was the weakest factor of the sound quality. I felt there was no real punch or detail to the bass: The sub-bass is non-existent, and I felt that the extension of the lows wasn’t very well pronounced. The mid-bass is a little more present, however its extremely faint, and not really worth mentioning. I feel the emphasis of bass wasn’t on FA’s list, which I’m sure some people, like the mid-centric folk will prefer.

The mids and highs are very much accurate, however at times I felt that the highs were a bit too sibilant and the mids were a little bit too accentuated in their reproduction. Thus at times, with different amps/sources, it felt as if the sound wasn’t natural, and sometimes even unbearable to listen to. It is a point to bear in mind, however not a point to critisize, as when paired perfectly with the right things, the FA-002W’s becomes very much enjoyable and extremely accurate to listen to.

The soundstage I felt was very deep, and sounded vast. I quite enjoyed listening to these, however at times it felt the sound was too far from my ear. That said, the soundstage is overall very well presented and very much enjoyable. The onyl reason I dropped 0.5 in its rating was the fact that it felt a little too deep at times, unlike open-back headphones which sound very open.

Sound Quality Ratings
Lows: 5.5/10
Mids: 9/10
Highs: 9/10
Soundstage: 9.5/10

Conclusions and final thoughts

Overall, I couldn’t give these headphones more than a 8/10 overall rating, despite them being very accurate in the mids and highs. This is because they were so source and amp dependant that most would give up and end up returning the headphones. If you are one of those that has managed to properly pair it with an amp or source that works for you, then congratulations. I felt I could match these to my setup, such as with the EPH-O2D, however felt at times it wasn’t that perfect, and enjoyable in comparison to my Denon AH-D2000’s for example.

I did want to run this through different setups and make other people try it, and after letting other people listen to the FA-002W’s they had the same perception as me regarding the source and amp selection, and more so with the sound quality factors of these headphones. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to think that. I also had the chance to run this through some very expensive headphone amps, and found them to be much better detailed and overall sounding in comparison to your “average” amp and source.

The value for money is there on these headphones, especially with the whole package in mind. I would like to have seen FA concentrate on making these a little more generic and not super specialised in their reproduction.

Hope you enjoyed my review!


Me dispongo a presentaros los Fischer Jubilate Master Series, unos auriculares de una marca por todos conocida que hará las delicias de algunos de vosotros, ya sea por el acabado, por su sonoridad o por ambas. En primer lugar he de agradecer el trato con Fischer, en particular a Tanya, quien me atendió siempre con un trato exquisito durante toda nuestra correspondencia. Esta marca procedente de Rusia, me ha dado el placer de probar estos “pequeñines” que llamaron mi atención desde el primer momento en que los vi en Head fi… Os animáis a descubrirlos conmigo a fondo??? Vamos alla!!!

Desembalaje y Presentación:

La presentación típica de Fischer, en un gran estuche para tenerlos entre algodones y súper cuidados mientras no los usas. Como podéis ver en una pequeña etiqueta que traen se adjunta el color de madera que traen ya que hay varios al gusto del cliente, todo un detalle:

En este caso los mios son los Tiama como podeis comprobar; os dejo la gama entera para que se os pongan los dientes largos viendo los distintos tonos!!! Lo siguiente es retirar la cinta que trae y abrir el estuche y nos encontramos los Jubilate y un par de extras que son de agradecer como podemos ver en la foto y comentaremos a continuación:

Nos encontramos por fin con los auriculares que en este caso traen puestas unas almohadillas aterciopeladas comodísimas (y muy calentitas para el invierno que esta llegando), otras de recambio que diría que sino son de piel, son de una poli piel muy buena y por ultimo y debajo de estas ultimas un cable larguísimo que te servirá para moverte sin dificultad mientras las utilizas. Aquí os dejo todo lo que se incluye:

Calidad de Construcción:

La calidad de construcción es buenísima, se ven robustos, sobre todo con lo que le aporta el acabado de las copas en madera aunque esta claro, los dota de un poco más de peso de lo habitual pero para nada exagerado. La estructura de estos auriculares me recuerda exactamente a mis antiguos AKG K512 MKII, la cual era también fuerte pero estos la verdad tienen un toque de calidad que aquellos carecían totalmente, salvando la diferencia de precio.

Lo primero y que si me ha gustado y mucho es que el cable es extraíble con lo cual se evita perder los auriculares si se te estropea el cable. Hablando del cable como veis es larguísimo, y comienza en un jack de 3.5mm, bien rematado pero sin muchas florituras; el cable no es demasiado gordo y quizás es de lo menos reseñable del pack que nos manda Fischer, aun así esta bien acabado y suficiente para su cometido asíque tampoco es criticable. Este, acaba en otro jack de 3.5mm que se enchufa en los Jubilate y también comentar que trae la clavija de adaptación a jack de 6.3mm.

Las copas acabados en madera son simplemente geniales, y como podéis comprobar son grandes pero no enormes como los de los K550 aunque eso si mas abultados hacia fuera. Continuando hacia el arco, vemos que tienen una banda de material plástico de tacto agradable para adaptarse y sujetarse perfectamente a la cabeza de cada uno con el grabado “Master Series”. Por ultimo el arco si se toca con cuidado se puede notar como es una varilla plana de metal para darle consistencia y con la elasticidad precisa, recubierta de un tubo plástico negro.

Datos Técnicos:

Rango de frecuencia: 10- 22000 Hz
Sensibilidad: 103dB
Impedancia: 165 Ohmios
Largo de cable: 3m
Jack: 3.5mm o 6.3mm

Calidad de Sonido:

Bueno y llegamos a la parte interesante del tema: como suenan estos Jubilate. Las expectativas son altas, ya que pertenecen a las Master Series de Fischer por lo cual su calidad debería ser indudable; además y como habréis intuido son cerrados por tanto tendremos que saber si resultan agobiantes o amplios en la escena sonora, asíque vamos a ver que nos ofrecen.

Comentaros también, que han sido rodados más de 50 horas y la mejoría ha sido notable, y también como podéis ver en la foto y como en mis reviews anteriores, el equipo utilizado ha sido mi iPod Touch 4G acoplado al JDS Labs C421 por un cable Fiio E9. A partir de la próxima cambiare a mi nuevo equipo.


El detalle es bueno tirando a alto, se le escapan pocas notas y matices a estos auriculares; la escena sonora es cercana pero sin estar pegada a ti y la amplitud es buena para ser cerrados, podría decirse que están a medio camino entre unos cerrados clásicos y unos cerrados de sonido abierto como los AKG K550. Lo que me sorprende de ellos sobre todo es lo equilibrados que están, ningún grave, medio o agudo sobresale por encima del resto mas de lo debido si la canción no lo requiere, y por tanto esto hace que sean bastante aptos tanto para aquellos que le gusta el medio, como el grave sin olvidarse de el agudo, por tanto son bastante completos en este sentido.


Son contenidos, sin desmesurarse pero se dejan sentir en todo momento. Son secos y no muy calidos pero tampoco te perforan el oído sino que dan pequeños “golpecitos” que llaman a despertar a tu tímpano de una forma alegre. Como nota personal aunque a mi me gustan los graves marcados, fuertes y calidos, estos me han sorprendido y me han gustado ya que no se hacen pesados para largas escuchas y además no desaparecen en ninguna circunstancia. Muy bien la verdad.


Los medios de estos Jubilate son muy entrañables y me explico: te llaman timidamente a que los disfrutes quizás porque están un poco mas en primer plano que el resto de frecuencias, y lo hacen de una manera suave pero protagonista, sabiendo del equilibrio de los Fischer pero queriendo llamar tu atención. Son alegres y dulces y si te gustan los medios no te defraudaran.


Frescos y divertidos, no se dejan tapar ni por medios ni graves,  a pesar  de ser unos auriculares cerrados, y le dan aun más alegría a la canción. Eso si, llegan a tonos altos por tanto igual a alguna persona pueden hacérsele algo “agudos” de mas, pero como dije anteriormente y me reitero, para mi gusto el equilibrio y detalle es muy bueno.


En conjunto sonoramente hablando pocas pegas les puedo poner a estos Fischer: son equilibrados, limpios, detallados y si tienes un amplificador te lo agradecerán mucho, tanto ellos como tus oídos. Igual no son unos auriculares que destaquen en un apartado sonoro pero si que lo hacen gratamente en el conjunto, y son cerrados si, pero el sonido no se agolpa dentro de las paredes de los drivers a pesar de aislar muy bien las almohadillas, por tanto creo que la impresión es positiva luego de este apartado.

Opinión Personal:

Después de horas escuchándolos y probándolos puedo decir que el resultado es muy satisfactorio y estoy encantado con ellos ya que llamaron mi curiosidad por la estética y al final se han ganado mi respeto en el aspecto sonoro. Son bastante exclusivos no solo por el acabado en madera sino porque en España aun no los hay ni en el resto de la Union Europea (que yo los haya encontrado), si los quieres tendrás que irte al mercado ingles o estadounidense y rondan los 150 euros al cambio siempre y cuando estén dispuestos a mandarlos. Os dejo el enlace oficial de Fischer por si queréis echarles un vistazo.

Por ultimo comentaros que si tenéis la oportunidad de probarlos, hacedlo y si podéis también me gustaría que como siempre compartierais vuestras impresiones en el hilo para enriquecer esta review y sobre todo aprender yo también de vosotros, compañeros.

Nada más por mi parte, espero que haya sido de vuestro agrado y que os hayan gustado tanto estos Jubilate Master Series como a mí,
Un saludo a todos y a vuestro servicio,

WairX  :silbar:

V oblasti audiotechniky máme zafixované země, které dokážou vyrábět kvalitu. Každý si představí německý Sennheiser, rakouský AKG, americký KOSS nebo některého japonského výrobce elektroniky. V posledních letech situaci zamotaly čínské firmy (např. VSonic), ale na mapě audia jsou stále velké bílé místa. Například takové Rusko si spojujeme hlavně se zlatými edicemi jinak rozumných výrobků pro tamní zbohatlíky.

Jednou z mála ruských firem, které dokázaly tento stereotyp prorazit, je právě Fischer Audio. Velmi populární je například model DBA-02, který je považován za slušnou konkurenci například pro VSonic GR07 – čili špičku. O “Fišeru” se však dá říci, že má pro každého něco; nabídka firmy obsahuje tucty a tucty sluchátek různých konstrukcí. Firma se příliš nedrží tradičních designových předloh a její sluchátka bývají často prazvláštní.

DSC_5261.jpg DSC_5287.jpg

Jako první vzorek dnes máme dva modely sluchátek do uší (špunty) – Enigma a Consonance. Značka se už dostala i na český trh, tyto modely stojí 1 090 Kč, resp. 1 790 Kč, což je velmi populární cenová kategorie.

Consonance jsou v testu v šedé verzi, ale častěji se v prodeji setkáme s černou. Kromě toho si můžete koupit bílé a červené. Enigma je rovněž dostupná ve dvou verzích – v1 a v2. V testu je originální verze, která se zdá být s nástupcem prakticky totožná.

Fischer Audio Consonance a Enigma

Oba testované modely se dodávají v malé kartonové krabičce; přední strana se dá otevřít, čímž se odhalí průsvitné okno do obsahu. Příslušenství je v obou případech poměrně spartánské, ale dostatečné. K sluchátkům Enigma je přiložen textilní sáček a malý držák na náhradní špunty. Ten velmi nevyužijeme, protože dostaneme pouze základní páry nástavců ve třech velikostech. Model Consonance je obdařen sedmi páry nástavců různých tvarů včetně dvojitých a trojitých, nechybí tvrdé plastové pouzdro.


Enigma je už napohled levnější model. Jsou to velmi malá sluchátka vyrobená z tvrdého plastu, půlkulatý tvaru. Ačkoli pouze plastová, působí solidně, napohled bych tipoval, že jde o nějaký starší model s tlakovými měniči. Jako ozdoba slouží chromový proužek.

Odlišení kanálů je řešeno pouze červenou a modrou tečkou, což je v slabém osvětlení neviditelné a při delším nepoužívání to může mást. Zvukový výstup o průměru 4 mm (tzn. užší než obvykle) je chráněn filtrem. Od sluchátek pokračuje velmi kvalitní a pevný (no, i dost nepoddajný) gumový kabel až k masivní rozdvojce a na konci s masivním 90° konektorem. Celkově jsou sluchátka velmi kvalitně zpracované a měly by sloužit dlouho.


Consonance jsou na tom vyhotovením ještě o třídu lépe. Použitý plast je kvalitnější a plášť je dvouvrstvý, na vnější straně tentokrát najdeme malý otvor. Označení kanálů je tradiční L / R, ale pouze vyryté, takže stejně špatně čitelné. Zvukový výstup je tradičního průměru 5,5 mm, také chráněný kovovou mřížkou. Kabel tentokrát dostal podobu textilní šňůrky, což znamená absolutní pevnost. Konektor má formu 45 ° hokejky.

Po pár týdnech používání se začala z těl odírat barva, ale jinak jsou Consonance zpracovány robustně. Výrobce by si v obou případech jen mohl dát záležet na lepším označení kanálů a delší kabel by rovněž neškodil – při nošení za ušima a zároveň za krkem mi dosahoval sotva k opasku.

Menší jsou pohodlnější

V oblasti pohodlí jasně vyhrává Enigma. Drobná a lehká sluchátka dobře zapadnou i do jemných uší a to poměrně hluboko, přesto netlačí. Tvar a průměr je zkrátka zvolen velmi vhodně. Poměrně tvrdý kabel trochu překáží při nošení za ušima, ale je to jen otázka vhodného nasměrování. Každopádně kabel nevyrušuje mikrofonovým efektem, takže se špunty dají bez obav nosit i klasicky kabelem dolů. Izolace je na slušné úrovni, hudba se dá poslouchat bez rušení okolí, avšak ne za hranicí bezpečnosti. Běžný městský provoz budete vnímat.


Consonance jsou postaveny jinak a to se projevilo i na pohodlí. Tyto špunty asi nebudou vyhovovat každému. Jsou hrubé a s vystupujícími hranami, takže ucho si na ně musí zvyknout a i tak se pocitově nikdy úplně neztratí. Osobně jsem měl problém i s tím, že se mi ze sluchátek při vybírání stále svlékaly silikonové nástavce a zůstávaly v uchu. Špunty jsou zkrátka vhodnější pro širší ušní zvukovody.


Problém představuje i velmi silně „mikrofonový“ kabel, který do sluchátek pouští nepříjemné škrábání, nošení za ušima je tedy téměř nezbytnost. Při větru se rovněž třeba smířit s hvízdání, které slyšet již při jemném vánku. Na druhé straně jsou Consonance schopny velmi kvalitní izolace – z okolí propustí pouze velmi silné zvuky.Více na:


These are my opinions. Please take them as such.

These are strictly subjective impressions based

upon careful and critical listening over an

extended period of time. YMMV.







  • › Frequency range: 11-27000 Hz
  • › Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • › Impedance: 200 Om
  • › Length of a cable: 3.0 M
  • › Color: Cherry Wood/black
  • › Etc: additional velour cushions, 6.3mm screw-on jack adapter, 003 cups, carrying case


  • Please see my profile for a list of some of the equipment I own.



Where to start!? The Good? The Bad? The Beautiful? Let’s go in reverse…


These headphones are gorgeous. The craftsmanship in the cups is flawless and no matter how many pictures I take…it doesn’t do it justice.

The laser engraving is also skillfully done. The cursive type of “High Edition” looks beautiful, elegant and flawless. Even the guys from Audeze were impressed by the wood and engraving.

These headphones are an absolutely beauty…remaining light and comfortable at the same time.


BAD…from Fischer Audio?!…YES!

The FA-002W High Edition is a picky bastard! They are very picky in regards to amp matching. These are not like the regular 003’s or 002w’s in that they will sound good out of most any amp or even some portable players. No. These can sound just awful out of certain amps and downright painful on others. These did not sound good straight out of my portable players. These did not sound good with my EMU-0404 and they did not sound good with most of the neutral amps I have. They sounded bass light, mids slightly peaky and bright but not shrill. Never has a Fischer Audio headphone sounded this bad out of my amps. Why, they sound almost as bad with my amps as the HD-800 did with them…hmmm.


The only decent sound I got from these was with my Heed CanAmp which is tube like in its sound quality. Even then…it was decent. Hmmm….time to find some tube amps….(a few days go by…the magic of reviews…ahh some good tube amps…wait…So. Cal. Meet!!…..Eddie Current…DNA…)…

With a good tube amp these sounded amazing…better than the HD-800 in some regards, “worse” in one. With the proper amp, these headphones shine like few other dynamics do. The bass is articulate, deep, extended and punchy. The mids become those luscious mids that Fischer Audio has become synonymous with and highs are detailed, fast and coherent. These are amazing to listen to on a good tube amp. This is the type of sound I have come to expect from Fischer Audio.

On a nice tube amp, the bass is low, extended and tight. You don’t get the “one-note” bass problem with these headphones like you do with the HD-800. The midrange and highs are very good. The purity of tones as well as the resolution is just wicked good with the right amp. These are the qualities with lead me believe that the FA-002W High Edition can play with the big boys. The part where the FA-002W High Edition falls short in comparison with the HD-800 is in soundstage. The soundstage is not as expansive as it is with the HD-800 but it is still accurate. If you ask me – it’s not a bad compromise at all, especially since the soundstage remains accurate.


Once again, I wish I could shake someone’s hand over at Fischer Audio and congratulate them for having such great sounding products at affordable prices. This is the first product they have which I feel is finicky but, when paired with the right amp, you will have truly high end sound at a fraction of what you would normally pay…less than 1/3 to be honest. If you have lusted after an HD-800 but could never justify its price or the looks or [insert your excuse here], then pick up the Fischer Audio FA-002W High Edition. You will not get the expansive soundstage of the HD-800 but you will get better sound, accurate soundstage and an amazing bargain. Current owners of the FA-002W or FA-003 will be happy to note that Fischer Audio will be selling an external adapter to convert those headphones to High Editions for under $100.00 USD!

Those of you who usually read my reviews will also notice I didn’t list any music this time around. This is because I wanted to keep this review short and specific. I found a lot of variation between set-ups using the same song. If I had listed the music, I would have had to write different descriptions for each set-up. As I said before…the Fischer Audio FA-002W is finicky – probably more so than the HD-800.

While these can be viewed as the “Poor Mans HD-800”, do keep in mind that they need the right amp to sound good. Also keep in mind that I am comparing these to stock HD-800’s and not the modded ones owned by Purrin and Anaxilus. The modded HD-800’s are clearly superior to both the stock HD-800 and the Fischer Audio FA-002W High Edition. I would highly recommend that any of you considering this headphone listen to it before buying it and preferably give it a good listen on your equipment to make sure it mates well. At the recent Southern California meet many people heard the FA-002W High Edition and some did like it very much. Interestingly enough, those that did like it a lot were using tube amps. I can already see that the Fischer Audio FA-002W High Edition will be a can that will create polar opposite camps – those that will love them and those that will hate them. Which camp you will fall into will depend greatly on your sound signature preferences and your equipment. If you are a fan of the HD-800 on tubed equipment, then you might just be a fan of the FA-002W High Edition.


If you don’t have the right amp….get the regular Fischer Audio FA-002W or FA-003.

Tube Amps I tried:

Eddie Current Balancing Act and Super 7

Donald North Audio 2A3 -> sounded best with this amp!

Schiit Lyr

Will Sumsuch DJ – Producer Fischer Audio JUBILATE Headphones Review

By Will Sumsuch DJ


I was honored to be allowed to test out the Fischer Audio Jubilate Master SeriesHeadphones this week. Straight out of the lovely box I was struck by their beautiful design and craftsmanship. The headphones are surprisingly light and feel incredibly well balanced and comfortable, essential for long sessions. What began as a quick late night listening test swiftly turned into a music production session, and before I knew it, it was 4am and I’d composed and roughly mixed a new track using the headphones. The detail on high frequency sound is incredible, the mid is smooth and low frequencies are warm, subtle and understated. The closed design means it’s easy to get completely lost in music, but unlike a lot of similar models I felt no sense of claustrophobia, and quickly forgot I was even wearing them.

Having composed and roughly mixed a track using these headphones, the ultimate test came the next day when I checked the mix on my studio monitors. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The detail and quality of the Jubilate Master Series speaks volumes, all the frequencies in my track were well balanced and nothing stood out in the mix.

Overall I have to say the results were better than the headphones I normally work with.

I cannot recommend these beautiful headphones enough to anyone who cares about detail, sparkle and subtlety in their listening experience. If you’re looking for something loud, brash and punchy with a huge amounts of bass then these are not for you, but then I would imagine the classy design (and lack of endorsement from a celebrity) would have put you off anyway.

The natural wood is a huge plus point for me; I feel that using warm, natural materials is more important than ever in this cold, digital age. From the body of a guitar to the paper driver in a Funktion One speaker, wood will always give more life to music than plastic and metal.

I have fallen in love with these headphones, and will be buying a pair, and I don’t think I can give a better endorsement than that!

Read original version at Top Dog Headphones Blog

DJ Jeff Daniels Reviews the Fischer Audio JUBILATE Headphones


I was sent a pair of the Jubilate Master Series headphones to review for Top Dog Headphones. After opening the boxed package I findmyself in the company of a well padded nylon zip bag, vastly impressed with this I slowly unzip the bag to unveil a stunning looking pair of finely crafted wooden headphones.


I plug in the single cable and the studio listening session begins. Immediately after placing the headphones on ones head I feel a sense of comfort as the cups sit nice and snug on ones ears.

As soon as I hit play and the music starts all background sound disappears and the cross pollination begins. With eyes closed I sit back in the chair. As the track slowly builds you can feel and hear the deep rich sound quality and clarity from the Master series, very impressive, and their qualities especially evident, painting a beautiful, comforting picture. The bass or low end is quite smooth without being unobtrusive, the trebles / highs come through clearly, speaking the same language, as do the mids (These are truly jaw-dropping headphones, providing a heavyweight performance to the listener)

Depending on what music/audio you decide to listen to, or working in the studio on your own productions, you will be able to pick out so many different sounds and qualities, IE: Vocals, acoustics, highly rhythmic drumming, ambient/balearic, jazz & dance all different kinds of music and moods.

If you’re looking for heavy pounding bass heavy cans, then these are not for you. Less is more as the saying goes, and they retail at a reasonable price.

This has been a highly enjoyable listening journey for me, enhanced by the craftsmanship of the wooden headphones.

Read original version at Top Dog Headphones Blog


  • › Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
  • › Sensitivity: 112 dB
  • › Impedance: 35 Om
  • › Input power: 100 mW
  • › Color: black.



  • Portable set-up: Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed) ->UE Mini2Mini ->RSA Shadow
  • Portable set-up: Ipod 5.5G -> ALO Cotton Dock -> RSA Shadow
  • Home Rig 1: Sony D-25S -> UE Mini2Mini from Line out-> Heed CanAmp
  • Home Rig 2: Denon DCD 1560 CD Player – RCA -> Heed CanAmp
  • My mastering rig






On first glance the OldSkool’70’s really impress. The packaging is sleek and sexy. If headphones were ever packaged to be given as gifts – these would be the ones to get.


Once you open the packaging you will find the headphones neatly packaged along with a nice pouch to store them away so they don’t get full of dust. The inner packaging is top notch as well. Very fancy.


The look of the OldSkool’70’s is pure awesome retro – did I mention they look awesome and retro? It looks like those oldheadphones they used to bundle with your walkman portable cassette player. In my opinion, the look is awesome and the build quality is super awesome. These aren’t your cheap sony walkman freebies you used to wear back in the 1970/80/90’s.





1. Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al from the album “Graceland”

The sound is pleasing.  The soundstage is quite large and the bass is pronounced. Good detail. Mids are very lush sounding.

2. Paul Simon – Homeless from the album “Graceland”

The voices sound natural. The baritones come out a bit more.

3. Nat King Cole – Stardust from the DCC release of “Love Is The Thing”
Nat’s voice  sounds natural, the strings are as airy as they should be but they aren’t bright or suppressed. The sound is very lush.

4. Danny Elfman – This is Halloween from the soundtrack “Nightmare Before Christmas”

The voices are all distinct. Bass is very nice. The soundstage and imaging on this track is better than most. 5. Absolute Silence – custom demo track made by myself.

Except for a slight pop the Clip+ added when the track finished, it was completely dead silent for the entire duration of the track.

6. Bach – Solo Cello Suites from the Mercury Living Presence release feat. Janos Starker
The cello sounds ever so slightly boomy. The ambiance and detail is present but lacking, probably due to lack of isolation.
7. Ella Fitzgerald – Sweet & Lovely from the album “Sings Sweet Songs For Swingers”
Nice. Ella comes across natural. The bass is really showcased here and the soundstage is once again very nice. Imaging is quite good.

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication & Scar Tissue from the album “Californication”
The bass really rocks on this track. The distortion and clicks cannot be heard.
9. Lady Gaga – Poker Face from the album “The Fame”
The bass is awesome without being over-powering or bloated. Vocals are also very nice. The detail is a bit lacking due to lack of isolation.



The one thing I noticed while listening to the OldSkool’70’s is that it does well with all types of music. It has that typical Fischer sound. The OldSkool’70’s are surprisingly more accurate and articulate than your average headphones this size and of this design. They sound rather similar to the PX100’s but I would give the OldSkool’70’s the edge for a more pleasing sound. The OldSkool’70’s really shines with all tracks but especially with rock, pop and hip-hop. Like most of Fischer Audio’s line, it has a very pleasing and fun sound signature. They are also very easy to drive to a high volume level without degrading the sound.

The sound signature of the OldSkool’70’s is fun but leaning toward the natural and organic side. One thing that surprised me was the soundstage. It has that 3D soundstage that you would only expect from much more expensive headphones. There were a few times that I looked back to see if someone was knocking and to my surprise it was the recording I was listening to!!! In particular I was listening to a Blue Note recording where in the middle of a solo someone yells “Yeah!” and I swear that “Yeah!” came over my left shoulder. Cool beans!

Not surprisingly, I found that these headphones upscale quite nicely as you move up the equipment chain. They sound great straight out of my ipod. They sound better on the Denon DCD 1560 CD Player going through the CanAmp and really impressed me coming out of my mastering rig. Considering the design and the price, that’s really impressive.

Once some of you see the OldSkool’70’s, you might think it’s a cheap quality headphone and be reminded of the freebies of days gone by. Nothing could be further from the truth. These headphones are solid and they feel as solid as they can be. Not only are they solidly built but they are also surprisingly comfortable. This will vary from person to person, but I did find them to be very comfy headphones.

One slight thing consumers are going to have to watch out for with the OldSkool’70’s is volume. I feel that these headphonescan be used for critical listening but you must be in a very quiet environment with very little or no ambient noise. Otherwise, these headphones will merely be there for mood listening. These headphones sound so good but isolate so little that people will really be tempted to crank up the volume to unhealthy levels, especially if they are in a less than perfect listening environment. If you have a less than perfect listening environment and want the same great quality, my suggestion would be to look into Fischer Audio’s similarly priced FA-004 headphones.


Once again what gets my attention with Fischer Audio’s products is the price/performance ratio. All the prices I was able to find for these were under $90.00 US! If I had paid $120 for these, I wouldn’t be upset at all. I would think these would be a good deal at $120.00. At $90 or under, these are an amazing deal – especially considering that these are limited edition headphones.

If you’re looking for some great sounding headphones that will not isolate you from your environment, then these are perfect. The build quality, sound quality, price and awesome looks are sure to please many, many folks.






Fisher Audio est une marque russe qui commence seulement à se faire connaître.  Elle possède une large gamme allant du nomade au sédentaire. Grâce à sa qualité audio et au prix intéressant des rebadging de la marque, elle attire l’attention de nombreux mélomanes à la recherche d’un bon rappport Qualité/Prix. J’ai découvert cette marque grâce au test de Ediauphile du fa-011 que je vous invite à lire ici Le casque appartenait à jxh qui l’a mis en jeu sur le forum et la lauréate a été ma petite amie. Nous le remercions encore ! Donc comme convenu cette review s’effectuera à deux et sera écrite en coopération (espérons sans accro). J’ajouterai ses observations dans le futur car je souhaitais rendre cette review le plus rapidement possible.

Le fa-002 est le casque ouvert haut de gamme de la marque. Il occupe ce segment avec son jumeau fermé le fa-003 et une version plus onéreuse appelée fa-002w qui est une version fermée du fa-002 avec des coques en bois, le W voulant signifiant comme dans la plupart des cas “Wood” (diverses essences sont disponibles). Je possède actuellement pour mon écoute sédentaire un Akg k701 que j’utilise depuis plus d’un an. Mon système d’écoute comprend : mon ordinateur avec le player Foobar 2000, un DAC Poppusle 707 et un ampli Little Dot MkIV. Le casque appartenant à ma petite amie, je lui ai offert un ampli/dac Aune X1 réputé neutre et d’un bon rapport Qualité/Prix. Le test du fa-002 s’effectuera sur le Aune X1 avec des fichiers lossless encodés en FLAC.

On vous donnera ici nos impressions globales sur le casque en le comparant à chaque fois à mon k701. On basera notre comparaison sur différents styles : rock, métal, électro, classique, jazz, pop, et rap. Les écoutes s’effectueront sur nos paires d’oreilles respectives. Pour le prix, on se situe dans une gamme où il y a du choix et de la concurrence : environ 170$ chez le revendeur GD-audio. Le k701 que j’avais acheté 180€ à l’époque sur Thomann se situe dans la même zone tarifaire.


Dans cette gamme de prix de casque sédentaire, on trouve généralement un packaging limité mais celui du fa-002 est bien fourni. En effet le casque est vendu dans une housse de transport souple où l’on trouve une mousse dense à la forme du casque. Deux paires de pads sont fournies l’une en velours et l’autre en simili cuir. Adaptateur jack 3.5mm vers 6.35mm et câble détachable de 3.5m sont de la partie. C’est plus complet que l’unique socle du k701 et son adaptateur jack 6.35mm ver 3.5mm.

Bref, rien ne manque à part peut-être un socle mais je chipote!


Pour le design on est dans l’esprit de la gamme des HD6xx de Sennheiser avec sa grille apparente et sa couleur sombre. Il est beaucoup plus sobre que le k701 qui se reconnaît tout de suite au premier coup d’œil. Je trouve le design du k701 beaucoup plus abouti que celui du fa-002. Le casque, comme le k701 est entièrement en plastique mise à part pour le système de réglage de l’ouverture de l’arceau. D’ailleurs le casque s’adapte très facilement à toute taille de tête et le système de l’arceau est bien pensé pour limiter les efforts sur le plastique. La structure qui maintient les oreillettes fait un peu cheap, à voir si elle résiste au temps. Le câble du casque fait 3.5m ce qui permet de se déplacer librement, de plus il est détachable ce qui est un grand plus par rapport au k701. La connectique par défaut est un jack 3.5mm et un adaptateur 6.35mm est fourni. Un bon point pour l’ingénieux système rotatif de changement des pads des oreillettes qui permet d’alterner facilement entre les deux types de pads et d’accéder aux transducteurs du casque.


Les différents pads (velours/simili cuir) sont très confortables et fermes. L’oreille ne touche pas le fond de l’oreillette donc aucune gêne sur ce point là. Mais l’arceau est inconfortable, des douleurs sur le dessus du crâne se font ressentir au bout de 45 min d’écoute par rapport au k701 qui peut rester des heures sur ma tête sans problème ! Après une centaine d’heures d’écoute le fa-002 est beaucoup plus confortable, sur des écoutes de 3h, je n’ais plus ressenti de gêne au niveau de l’arceau. Les deux casques font approximativement le même poids mais le fa-002 paraît plus lourd sur le crâne que le k701. Le k701 reste beaucoup plus confortable globalement, on l’oublie plus facilement dans l’écoute. Petite remarque, pour les cheveux longs (testé par ma moitié). Ils se coincent facilement dans l’armature du fa-002 alors que la construction du k701 préserve de cette douleur à chaque fois que le casque est retiré.


Le casque est vendu en tant que casque ouvert mais il l’est beaucoup moins que le k701. Le fa-002 leak moins que le k701 et on entend difficilement les personnes dans l’environnement d’écoute. Pour moi ce fa-002 se rapproche plus d’un casque semi-ouvert que d’un casque ouvert, mes écoutes confirmeront peut être cette impression.

Le son

Le fa-002 me fait bouger la tête dès le début, ça sonne, ça groove ! On est bien au fond du temps, les graves sont légèrement ronds avec un bon impact qui s’oppose à une caisse claire bien sèche et des cymbales riches et qui sonnent ! La guitare a du corps et de la définition, elle se retrouve au même plan que le chant qui lui est beaucoup plus lisse. La scène sonore est proche et les instruments manquent de spatialisation, on n’a pas cette sensation du son qui nous englobe car le son reste bien présent sur la droite et la gauche. Malgré ce petit moins, pour moi ça sonne naturel, comme j’aimerais entendre ce groupe sonner ! Passer sur le k701 fait tout bizarre, il donne une impression de vide dans les mediums. La voix est plus en avant que la guitare, mais celle-ci garde un son très proche de celui obtenu avec le fa-002. La batterie quand à elle est moins chaude. La grosse caisse sonne de façon plus naturelle, on perd la rondeur du fa-002 mais l’impact est plus discret. Même constat sur la caisse claire, moins dynamique, les cymbales quand à elles sont tout aussi riches. A propos de la spatialisation et de la scène sonore, on a beaucoup plus de relief entre les instruments et l’écoute nous englobe plus. On arrive à bien tout situer dans l’espace. Bon le fa-002 m’a vraiment surpris et plu face à un k701 qui sonne de manière plus fade, je suis sur que c’est à cause de la couleur du casque !

Protest The Hero – C’est La Vie

J’ai l’impression que ce fa-002 se fait plaisir sur les musiques énervées et énergiques ! La batterie y est précise même si les cymbales sont plus brouillonnent dans le mixage général. La basse trouve sa place mais elle ressort moins que la batterie et les guitares. Les guitares s’expriment librement, elles sont définies et rapides ! Le chant quant à lui est au même plan que les guitares et s’exprime de la même manière. Même constatation que pour The Black Keys au niveau de la spatialisation et de la scène sonore. La section basse du spectre est quand même moins définis que les guitares et le chant. Bref le fa-002 se fait plaisir sur ce style de musique et moi aussi! Le k701 de retour sur mes oreilles, ben c’est toujours vide… Le fa-002 à vraiment plus de corps. Les instruments sont très définis. La dynamique d’ensemble est bonne mais il manque un je ne sais quoi. Bref j’écoute mais je ne remue pas la tête, son analytique quand tu nous tiens! La scène sonore et le relief des instruments sont quand à eux excellents, au dessus du fa-002. La voix aussi est plus libre et l’extension dans les aigus est plus importante. Le k701 n’est définitivement pas dans son style musical. Bref si tu aimes les guitares, les barbes et la distorsion le fa-002 sera ton compagnon pour une bonne bière et du gros son !

Pendulum – The Island – Pt. II Dusk

Le fa-002 a toujours autant d’énergie à transmettre ! Au fil des écoutes il me séduit vraiment le bougre ! Des basses présentes avec une attaque sèche, toute la section rythmique est restituée avec un son plein et de l’impact. Le son de la mélodie principale voyage facilement du medium à l’aigue, on n’a pas de sensation de lenteur ni d’agressivité. La scène sonore reste toujours proche avec un léger relief. Ce casque donne vraiment l’impression d’être neutre mais sans ce côté discret du k701. Changement de crémerie, le k701 se fait tout de suite plus discret. La section rythmique est moins présente, légèrement moins de corps mais autant d’impact qu’avec le fa-002. La mélodie principale est au centre de la restitution, je la trouve légèrement mieux définie que sur le fa-002. Pour moi le k701 manque d’expression et d’intensité pour ce type de musique. L’écoute du k701 me montre que le fa-002 est plus généreux dans les mediums ce qui lui apporte cette présence indéniable qui est plus qu’agréable sur de l’électro. Je trouve que le k701 manque « d’épaule » pour s’imposer.

Michael Bublé – Feeling Good

La voix de Bublé est bien mise en valeur par le casque.  Les cuivres sont bien devant (surtout la section grave et medium), la contre basse est bien chaleureuse et ronde. Mais sur ce morceau, les instruments manquent de relief et les aigus se font timides. La scène sonore manque vraiment de profondeur, difficile de situer tout les interprètes et de bien les discerner. Le k701 est clairement dans son élément. L’écoute est très subtile, détaillée et nuancée. Tout sonne juste et je suis charmé par ce que j’entends. On se laisse plus facilement emporter par le rendu du k701 alors que le fa-002 est plus « rentre dedans ». La spatialisation est au poil, on retrouve chacun des instruments très distinctement, chacun a sa place sur la scène. Le  k701 est sur son terrain, il sonne de façon beaucoup plus raffinée et subtile, un vrai plaisir sur du jazz ou du classique.

Wax Taylor – B-Boy On Wax

Le fa-002 sonne de façon beaucoup plus légère que sur mes précédentes écoutes. La batterie est sèche et sans surplus donc elle amène un dynamisme qui est recherché sur ce titre. Les voix sont placées bien en avant avec une tessiture très naturelle. La flute et les violons sont légèrement en retrait par rapport à la voix ce qui donne vraiment un bon relief à la musique. Ce que j’aurais pu reprocher avant à ce casque s’efface sur cette musique. Très surprenante et agréable interprétation! Le k701 me restitue une musique très proche de celle écoutée avec le fa-002 quoi qu’elle sonne légèrement moins dans les mediums et un peu plus dans les aigus. Je ressens quand même un peu plus de profondeur entre les instruments mais pour le reste, c’est vraiment très proche. Concrètement, je n’arrive pas à choisir entre les deux tant leurs prestations sont proches. D’un côté je penche pour la légère note chaleureuse du fa-002, mais de l’autre la profondeur du k701 apporte du relief.

Le fa-002 semble équilibré à l’écoute mais il est clairement plus généreux dans les basses et les mediums que le k701. Pour moi le fa-002 sonne de façon naturelle face à un k701 qui sonne de façon neutre et analytique. On trouve plus facilement du plaisir dans l’écoute avec le fa-002 qu’avec le k701. Le k701 est plus tourné vers les aigus et le fa-002 vers les basses et mediums. Je pense que le fa-002 peut aussi bien officier comme casque d’écoute Hi Fi ou comme casque de monitoring. Après une recherche un peu laborieuse, j’ai réussi à dénicher les courbes de réponse des deux casques mesurées sur le même site russe :Je ne certifie pas les mesures effectuées.


Le k701 est réputé pour son interprétation détaillée et analytique qui est supérieur à celui du fa-002 mais on n’est quand même pas en reste avec le fa-002. Il reste quand même difficile de différencier les instruments sur de grand ensemble de classique ou de jazz avec le fa-002. Dès qu’on écoute de la musique avec un nombre d’instrument moins important le fa-002 s’en sort bien.

Scène sonore/aération

Le fa-002 nous offre une scène sonore légèrement éloigné sans perdre en présence mais on cherche une profondeur de scène qui se fait timide. Avec le k701, on ressent toute la profondeur d’une salle de concert avec l’amplitude des différents instruments. De l’autre côté, le fa-002 nous englobe moins, le son reste plus cantonné aux oreillettes droite et gauche et il est plus difficile de situer les instruments dans l’espace sonore par rapport au k701.


Le fa-002 peut être drivé par un grand nombre de baladeurs et de sources, en comparaison d’un k701 qui demande énormément de puissance pour pleinement s’exprimer. Mais le fa-002 gagne énormément à être bien amplifier, j’ai pu voir une grosse différence entre mon Sansa Clip +, le hisound Studio V, le Aune X1 et le Little Dot MkII (personnellement je préfère ce dernier). Même si le Clip + et le Studio V peuvent le driver, ils ne lui rendent pas forcément hommage. D’ailleurs le Aune X1 à driver très facilement le k701, à ma grand surprise, il en a sous le coude ce petit boîtier noir ! Une petite remarque aussi sur la dénomination de casque ouvert pour le fa-002. Pour moi ce n’est pas un casque ouvert comme le k701. L’impression que me procurent mes écoutes se situe entre un casque ouvert et fermé, juste entre les deux en héritant des qualités et des défauts de chaque type de construction.



– le packaging et le câble détachable
– La polyvalence générale
– Le son naturel et équilibré
– Excellent sur du rock, métal, musique électronique et le trip hop
– Peut être facilement drivé- Le bénéfice d’une bonne amplification- Le prix

Les limites:

– La résistance des parties plastiques dans le temps
– Manque de relief entre les instruments
– Une neutralité subjective
– Scène étroite et légèrement profonde
– Moins bon sur du classique et du jazz (grand ensemble)
– Vendu comme casque ouvert, mais à un comportement de casque semi-ouvert

J’ai découvert un bien beau casque à mon goût qui remplace aujourd’hui mon k701 sur certain type de musique pour mon plus grand plaisir, grâce à lui j’ai retrouvé ce petit côté fun que j’avais perdu avec le k701. Mais ne boudons pas pour autant les grandes qualités du k701 sur le classique et le jazz. En résumé, ces deux casques sont différents et se complètent parfaitement pour l’écoute de ma discothèque assez polyvalente. Chacun a ses avantages et ses limites pour mon plus grand plaisir. Ce casque représente un bon rapport Q/P, surtout qu’il ne nécessite pas forcement un système d’amplification au début de son utilisation pour toutes les personnes qui veulent découvrir le monde de l’écoute sédentaire. Et je suis sur que l’un de nos forumeurs va découvrir un rebadging à un tarif très intéressant pour ce casque d’ici peu! De plus, je viens de découvrir qu’il était possible de changer les coques plastiques/grillagées des oreillettes par les coques en bois du fa-002W. J’attends juste un retour de Fischer Audio pour savoir si les transducteurs du fa-002 sont les mêmes que ceux du fa-002W et ainsi tenter l’expérience d’un casque fermé avec des coques en bois. Bref, l’essai de ce casque m’a démontré que je ne suis encore qu’au début de la découverte de l’écoute sédentaire et que je n’ai pas encore trouvé « le son ». Mais chaque jour, grâce à ce genre de rencontre, on se rapproche de plus en plus de ce que l’on cherche. Pour commenter et discuter de ce test c’ est ici.

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