M12s Bog Oak

Fischer Audio M12s 2020′ Edition – is the younger brother to the Kennerton Magni, with newly redesigned 50mm titanium-coated speaker and improved closed metal and wood hybrid air chamber.

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Product Description

The M12s 2020′ Edition boasts an overall sound with powerful and pushy bass, warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end. The M12s is a comfortable monitoring tool for the most demanding music professionals, as well as the most demanding audiophiles.

The kit includes a comfortable eco-leather case for a safe storing and carrying the headphones.

We were able to achieve high compatibility both with hi-end systems and with low-end devices, while maintaining a consistently high level of sound, limited by the capabilities of the source, rather than the headphones themselves.

For Fischer Audio M12s, we use a steel headband with a minimum of moving parts, which means maximum reliability. Headphone cups made of precious wood are not only beautiful and just pleasant to touch, but also bring warm and natural notes to the sound of the headphones, eliminating the intrusive “plastic” overtones of competitors’ models. Lightweight design, self-adapting to the user’s head and genuine leather ear cushions provide the highest comfort for long-time listening.


Ear cushions are hand-made from soft lambskin from a remote highland region in Northern Caucasus.
All spares are genuine Kennerton products and match the quality and craftsmanship that embodies Kennerton.
Soft ear cushions for maximum comfort. The design places driver at optimum distance from ear, improves soundstage/imaging, and musical coherence.


The headband is made of steel, and the headband fixing tape is made of high-quality leatherette with soft filler to achieve an optimal fit, regardless of the size and the form of your head.


In M-12s, high-precision 50mm drivers with a metalized membrane are used. The metalized membrane allowed us to achieve extremely low distortion of the main operating frequency range, and low impedance still allows to enjoy accurate sound even on portable devices.


High quality 2 meters cable with gold plated 6.3 mm TRS.
Connects to headphones with 2 x 3.5 mm.


  • Type: Closed
  • Driver Unit: 50mm
  • Cord length: High quality 2 meters length detachable cable made from OFC wires is terminated with high quality gold plated 6.3 mm TRS connector
  • Weight: 375 gm
  • Sensitivity: 114 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 18 – 45000 Hz
  • Max. input: 350 mW

The kit includes a comfortable eco-leather case for a safe storing and carrying the headphones.


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