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We are thankful to those who supporting us and made a choice in favor of our headphones during many years as: FA-002/FA-003/FA-002W and modern FA-003Ti and FA-003 Ti-W.

According to numerous requests we are ready to give you the possibility of upgrading the sounding of old version your Headphones, also to strengthen the construction by replacing the plastic headband construction to metallic. Moreover this upgrade also available for all other clones of our old FA-002/FA-003 models.

In order to upgrade or repair your headphones you just need to choose and to order necessary parts and to replace them by yourself with help of the screwdriver and our instructions.

Original headband of FA-003Ti

The strengthen aluminum forks excludes its breakage in the process of ageing and makes the using of your headphones more comfortable and durable. The headband is absolutely compatible with old versions of Fischer Audio FA-002/FA-003/ FA-002W.

Also compatible with other clones of this headphones.

Original drivers of FA-003 Ti with Titanium Coating

High-quality 42mm driver features composite mylar diaphragm that was further strengthened by titanium coating. This improves accurateness and reduces distortion over original FA-003 dramatically. Mid-range now sounds even more precise and tonally correct. Improved stiffness also helps to achieve higher level of resolution and dynamic range, preventing diaphragm from bending at volume extremes.

Replacement of drivers makes the sounding of your Headphones absolutely new, higher class and without any disadvantages of old versions. The supplying of tested and assembled pair of drivers are fully compatible with old versions Fischer Audio models as FA-002/FA-002W/FA-003, also copies and clones of other brands.

Original drivers for FA-003 Ti with titanium coating and Wooden Cups

This kind of replacement modification makes the best sounding of your headphones. Higher class sound without any disadvantages but with great musicality and extremely detailed sounding. You just need to choose the Wood for your cups. The supplying of tested and assembled pair of drivers with wooden cups are fully compatible with old versions Fischer Audio models as FA-002/FA-002W/FA-003, also copies and clones of other brands.


The cones represent as acoustic lens for dissection the acoustic wave outcoming from the back side of driver. They enhance the reverberation and remove the standing wave between driver and internal surface of a cup. The Cones are covered with special anti-resonant structure that is why it is not recommended to cover it with aggressive liquid and structure.

Here is the sound description of different wooden cups.

Caucasus Walnut

As for timbre characteristic the Caucasus walnut got warm and velutinous sounding with focused complicated and detailed middle. Range of the high frequencies is clear but not accented. Recommended for vocal, Jazz and instrumental music.

Eastern Maple

The Eastern strong Maple is well known by its property to add the brightness in sounding. Also it tending to each note got clear sounding but not mixed. Maple got tight and significant high frequency in spite of low, what is not the strong side of this wood but with using of correct driver it could give you magnificently sounding.


Danta is heavy and slightly buttery wood. Because of its acoustic properties Danta is used in manufacturing of high quality drums. The velutinous sounding with beautiful and saturated low. Recommended for those who like Bass music.


Mogano wood got good results with low-frequency, compressed middle with low-middle accent. Smooth high frequency without any sharpness. Therefore, the Mogano wood highly recommended with Rock, Acoustic and Jazz music. The particular quality of Mogano that the age of wood is exerts positive influence for sounding. So it sounds better and better, year by year.

Black Walnut

Black Walnut is even tighter rather than Caucasus Walnut. However under similar tonal characteristic it got very important singularity of detailed high frequency. Recommended for difficult Jazz compositions.

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